Biography of Casper de Vries & Net Worth 2024

Biography of Casper de Vries & Net Worth 2024.

Casper Johannes De Vries (Afrikaans pronunciation: [ˈkaspər də ˈfris]; born 1 June 1964) is a South African actor, comedian, entertainer, painter, composer, director and producer. He has gained a significant following among South Africa’s liberal Afrikaner and Afrikaans speaking population as well as Afrikaners living abroad. More recently due to his work on Comedy Central Africa, he has also gained popularity among English-speaking South Africans. He has both South African and Dutch nationality. Besides Afrikaans, he is fluent in Dutch and English.

Early life

He was born and raised in Pretoria where his parents owned a toy shop. He attended Hoërskool Silverton where he was known as Cassie, and went on to study drama at the University of Stellenbosch. His shows are very popular amongst Afrikaans-speaking white South Africans and he even held shows in the London Palladium in London where a lot of Afrikaners reside. Recently Casper has also started to perform in English to appeal to a larger fan base both local and international.

Comedy style

Casper de Vries uses satire, blue, character, observational, sketch and word play comedy styles in his stage performances, and he is very outspoken on topics such as humanity, religion, social norms, language and politics.

Live shows

His professional career started in 1986 with Hallo Suid-Afrika (Hello South Africa), and has been on-stage year after year until he started performing his one-man shows in 1997 where he started gaining major success. Here is a list of Casper’s one-man shows:

  • Walgwors (1997)
  • Wetter (1998)
  • Toet & Taal (1999)
  • Laat Daar Lag Wees (2000)/(2001)
  • DiMensie (2002)
  • Die Hits (2003)
  • Snaaks Genoeg (2004)
  • My Wêreld (2006)
  • Mondig (2007)
  • Broeders Ancestors (2009)
  • Gaan Groot (2010)
  • Vark in hel (2011)
  • Casper Goes Khaki (2013)
  • ” Alive & Vrolik” (2015/6)

Film appearances

  • Haak en Steek as Blertsie du Toit and Hanno Gelderblom
  • Alec to the Rescue (1999) as Train Steward
  • Soweto Green (1995) as Adrian Fluit
  • Sweet ‘n Short (1991) as George Weedle
  • Taxi to Soweto (1992) as a Telkom Engineer
  • Kwagga Strikes Back also known as Oh, Shucks-here comes UNTAG (1990) as Jaap Van den Ploes

Casper de Vries Net Worth

Casper de Vries has an estimated net worth of $200,000 which he has earned as a comedian.